I like the definition of impasto technique described on the art history website as “a thick application of paint that makes no attempt to look smooth. Instead, impasto is unabashedly proud to be textured, and exists to show off brush and palette knife marks.” That’s exactly my way of painting! My medium of choice is acrylic paint in a variety of consistencies ranging from heavy textured to fluid. I use traditional brushes and palette knives as well as a variety of tools which have nothing to do with paintings like twigs, silverware, chopsticks, notch trowels, silicone spatula butter scrapers and Mr. clean magic eraser. However my most favorite ‘painting’ tools are expired credit cards; but they don’t have to be necessary credit cards, I have plenty of expired i.d. and membership cards as well as varieties of store gift cards. That’s my recycling effort and contribution to save the planet.

Cariblue - 1024.jpgColors of Giverny - 1024.jpgDNA Projected - 1024.jpgFORSAKE ALL HOPE - all you that enter here.jpgHeat - 1024.jpgHussars.jpgMidnight Dive - 1024.jpgMoving Target - 1024.jpgOz - 1024.jpgSanta Fe Obsession - 1024.jpgSurreal Landscape - 1024.jpgthem - 1024.jpg