‘Billboard Face,’ alongside with other similar paintings created in 2013, is result of my experimentation with layers. Family, work, and life itself had all impressed layer and layer upon me, until I wondered who I really was under all those layers. Creating ‘Billboard Face’ was like tearing, peeling and stripping away sheet after sheet until I got to the original poster. I saw myself at the end, what was really under all those layers, the original that is the real thing. I needed to strip all those layers to get to the soul of me as a pure artist.

Balmy Rainfall - 1024.jpgBillboard Face - 1024.jpgDaybreak in Sequoia Forest - 1024.jpgDeep Tiers - 1024.jpgDutch Spring Countryside - 1024.jpgLooking Through - 1024.jpgnight city lights - 1024.jpgRainy Cityscape - 1024.jpg